Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why do humans do the things they do? Why do they get smelly colorful food when I get dry and boring hard stuff? What's it mean when they have water coming from their eyes? And what on EARTH are those small hard objects they have in their hands staring at all day? These are just a few of the things I think about while they pet me or while I lay quite cozily on their laps. Oh and by the way, my people are awesome, there's a man and women who are the ones I've been with the longest, then there's a smaller mini girl and mini boy. The minis play with me more and it's so fun to lick their faces! Anyway, back to the questions I think about all the time. So about the whole “stare at small hard object all day” thing, I really don't understand what the point is. That thing they stare at doesn't even smell good or move. I mean, maybe its their window. Maybe they get as much entertainment in that thing as I do when I sit in my spot on the top of the couch and stare out my window. It's so perfect, it's the perfect view of my street, overlooking my big front yard but still allowing me to see all the houses by us and the road with those big fast moving things that I sometimes get to go in with my people! I'm not sure what that big moving thing is called yet but I do know that every time I go in it my people scream something about going bye byes to me and I get really excited. When they say those two words it means two things; it means I don't have to wait for them to get back like I am right now because I'll be with them, and I also get to stick my head out the window of the big fast moving thing, and that means smells! Smells everywhere! I get whiffs of this and whiffs of that and there's just so much out there to smell it's amazing! There's only one other thing other than “bye byes” that allows me to get a wide variety of smells, and that's walks! They may make me want to have another nap, but I get to smell so much! I sometimes get to meet other dogs and people too which is always interesting. Wait, what was that?! Oh my gosh they're home, I have to go, they're home!!