Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hello world again, it's Summer. Speaking of summer... I miss it. That season is the best. Not only is it the best because it's named after me, but it's always so warm. It's warm every day! When it's warm out I get to go on walks almost every day and my people take me on more adventures! Everyone is home more often and the minis are always getting into fun stuff! Right now it's winter. It's just dragging along so slow and it feels like it's a never ending season of cold and days filled with sleeping. I just miss laying out in the grass with the sun shining down on my coat and feeling the breeze. The whole family is outside more and I'm always right by their side. Some of my favorite times is when the whole family goes outside, friends come over, and they all play games in the yard. I think I've heard them call it volleyball but I'm not quite sure. Another fun time is when we go bye byes in the car and we go to this pond way back in the woods and it's always so adventurous. There's so much space to run around, and don't get me started on the smells. I love being out in nature. My inner dog spirit feels so alive when I'm surrounded by all those smells of other animals. Deep down though, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be with my people. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, it would be enjoyable to go anywhere whenever I wanted to or see all kinds of things, but there's no better feeling than snuggling up with one of your humans at the end of the day. The love they show me is irreplaceable. We love each other and it's such a nice feeling knowing that they are my family and I'm part of theirs. I love Summer for one more reason, more walks and time outside of course, but also more time spent with my people. I couldn't ask for a whole lot more than that. I sometimes wonder what other dogs think about being either a pet or a stray dog that wonders all over the place. I wonder if those dogs wish they had a home like me, or if they like it that way. I know one thing, I'm happy right where I am.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey there again! I just realized I never said what my name is. I'm Summer! I'm a five year old golden retriever mix, my mom was a retriever but I can't seem to remember what my dad was. I've heard some humans call me a mutt but it doesn't bother me because my people always say they love me and that I'm my own pretty breed. They always gawk over me when I'm laying in the sunlight, which feels so warm and amazing on my fur. But enough about me, I have a story to tell. Alright, so there is this bone my people gave me one morning. I think this day was special because everyone gathered around a tree that had been inside the house all month and they opened these boxes and there was a lot of hugging that day. Anyway, they gave me two bones! These bones were the bomb, I loved chewing and licking them so much but I was just so worried about someone hiding it that I had to beat them to it. So, I would play with it for five minutes or so and then I would sneak away while they weren't paying attention. I have the best hiding places by the way, and I have a specific technique in making sure it's not noticeable. I find the perfect spot, I dig at it until it's ready for the bone, and then I place the bone in the spot and push in down or in as far as my nose or paws can reach. Then I push things on top of my bone, like clothes or towels laying around. Then I rub my nose around that spot to mark my hiding spot. After that, the job is well done and I trot back into the room with them and lay down in a corner so they don't notice me suddenly appearing from another room. You'd think that bone would stay untouched for months but what do you know, an hour later one of the minis have found the bone and taunt me with it. And so the cycle repeats. Sometimes I must underestimate their attention or intelligence, and every time they prove me wrong. This is another reason why I love my humans. They're just the right amount of fun, but they don't play around when it comes to finding my bone.