Sunday, April 19, 2015

I had the weirdest dream of my life last night. It wok me up and I could not fall back asleep because I could not stop thinking about it! This dream totally threw me off. In my dream, I was human! I had hands, fingers, a different face and mouth and hair! I could walk and talk and run on two feet! I have no idea how it happened or why even. I had no tail unfortunately though, which was definitely a downfall. But it was crazy, I felt on top of the world! I was so high up and could see everything. My sense of smell was not nearly as good though. I could smell, but not nearly as in depth as my dog side of me. Walking that tall and only with two feet and with feet rather than paws was a whole other story. It felt so, so, so weird. I didn't have floppy ears or fur all over, so it was a lot cooler. Most of all, I could TALK! I had a voice! It was amazing to be able to form words. I could whisper or scream, make noises other than barks and growls! In this dream, I was someone else entirely, while still being me. Same old Summer, just different body. Same personality, views and thoughts, just a different body. It was both a weird and exciting feeling. I can't exactly remember what I was doing though. All I remember is the glipse I got of what it would actually be like to be a human. After I woke up I started debating and comparing which way it would be wetter to live. Would it be better to live life as a human or a dog? Overall, I love my dog self. I love having a long tongue and having floppy ears. I love galloping through the yard on all four of my legs feeling the sun on my fur. I love using my nose to smell all sorts of strong smells, lick my peoples faces with my long tongue, and I just love being a dog more than anything else. I don't really think I would ever choose to be anything else, even if I got the option to. Sure, sometimes I think it would be cool to be human. But from that dream I got to see and feel what it would be like, and maybe that's all I needed.

I'm starting to feel insecure about myself slightly. I'll admit that in my kind of older age, I've let myself go a little bit. I may have gained a few pounds here or there but I don't see the problem. Anyway, the humans seem to think I need to be on a weight plan and have a certain amount of exercise a day. The food amount hasn't changed much, it's just minimized a little bit. Also, I get to go a walk, EVERY DAY. I am not bothered by this one bit, it makes me so happy. Like I have mentioned before, walks are one of my favorite things ever. Whenever they get the leash out or mention the world “walk” I jump up and come running! I jump around and get so impatient while they're getting their shoe things on or anything else they have to do. I can barely stay still enough for them to clasp the leash to my collar. Once we're all set, we leave out the front door and start our walk. Starting out I can't help but pull Kaylee, since she is usually the one holding my leash. I feel like I'm walking her in the beginning, I'm too excited to go slow. Walks compare to when I get lose, except with walks my humans don't get mad. Instead they seem to enjoy themselves just as much. Some nights the whole family comes, usually on nights where it's super nice and the kids don't have any homework. When everyone comes it's such a nice feeling doing something as a family and being a part of it. Like I've said with walks, smells just overwhelm me. When we walk in town compared to when we walk on trails in the woods is filled with completely different smells. In town, I catch scents of other people and their clothes as we walk by them, I smell food of all kinds because there are a few shops we walk by. There is an ice cream and snack shop that has hot dogs and fries and stuff like that which always makes me hungry. Then there is the smell of cars and the fumes that they put off, that smell isn't really one I prefer. In the trails though, I smell all sorts of plants and grass. I smell flowers, trees and bark, but mostly I smell other animals! So, you could say I prefer walking in the trails overall.

I would say that about 90 percent of the time, I am a fabulous pet. I don't pee or poop inside the house, I let the humans know when I have to go and they simply let me out to do my business. I don't beg or try to steal food when they're not looking either. I just sit and mind my own business let a good dog. I never get into anything when they are not home, I don't pee or poop when they're gone either. Instead, I hold it in until they come home. Now give or take, I may dribble some when they walk in the door but I can't help that I get so excited to see them! They don't mind that though. I play nicely with the kids and always sleep when they do rather than keeping them up, not to mention I am one of the best cuddlers in the whole world. Now, there is one thing I am not so proud of. Kaylee and Nate hate when I do this and I feel bad about it afterwords but in the moment I'm just so energetic it just overcomes me. Sometimes, when the gate in the backyard is open, and I smell or see something I want I chase after it. I chase and chase until I lose track of whatever interested me is gone. Then after that I always find other things I'm curious about. So naturally, I just keep wondering around and getting into things all over the neighborhood. Not to long after I get lose by the way, Kaylee and Nate find out or see me run for freedom and they chase after me in rage. They try their best to lure me in with my leash or a treat but in that moment, nothing interests me other than why I left in the first place. They try to run after me and tackle me even but I am just too fast. It's so fun and I feel like it's a game, but I don't think they feel the same way unfortunately. Eventually I let them catch me so they don't get so mad they don't want me anymore, even though I don't think they would ever do that. So they catch me, scold me thoroughly, and we head back to the house. We're all wore out, they're angry, and I'm both guilty and happy with my adventure.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am honestly so glad I don't have a job or have to go to school like my humans. I have no responsibilities and I am completely fine with that. No stress or worrying, just play time and naps and backyard adventures. Now I don't mean to rub it in really, I just am so content that I've got to tell someone. Backyard adventures by the way, are the best. I could spend all day out there and lose track of time every single time. Especially when the sun is out and shining, it feels like heaven I swear! I run around and chew on sticks and chase my toys until I wear myself out. After that, I get a nice long drink and then I flop down to pant until I pass out in the warm sun. The sun feels so good on my fur it makes me the happiest dog on Earth. After my refreshing nap, I get up and wonder around the yard to see what I have missed, then I check into the door window to see what my humans may be up to. Sometimes, they see me peeking in and come out to pet me and I lick them until they stop me. Usually after that I go and gather a few of my toys and nudge them towards my people, whoever it may be this time. Then we play!! the backyard is also my favorite place to play with them because there is just so much room to run and move around! They throw the ball or squeaky toy as far as they can and I challenge myself to see how fast I can run and fetch it. Then usually, we both get hot and go inside and cool down for awhile. Something I've noticed is that my people just love watching TV, and I've grown to like it a lot too. It's actually really entertaining when you give it a chance. When they accidentally leave it on when they leave, it is fun to listen and watch whatever is playing. I bet you can't guess my favorite channel. If you guess anything but the animal planet, you're dead wrong. Of course, I love watching other animals. It's so interesting learning about other animals I didn't even know existed. Other than that, I'll watch whatever is playing. And if my humans see me turn my head and acting interested in the TV, they think it's the cutest and funniest thing ever.