Thursday, March 12, 2015

I've decided that everyone needs to know some more about my people. I'll start with my main person who I've been with for as long as I can remember, minus some milk drinking and barely being able to walk in some other place were I must have been born. Anyway, her name is Kaylee. She's practically my mother to me and she's my best friend. I remember the day I met her like yesterday, it was one of the happiest days of my life. She's got long blonde hair that I used to want to bite and chew on so bad, and bright blue eyes. She's kind of smaller than other women I've met, but I think she's just as strong if not stronger. She's so caring and she's made me into the pup I am today. Well, dog now, I was a pup. We've grown up together over the years and we love each other so much. I was there when she met Nate, and went on dates with the two of them even. I've went on picnics, fishing trips, car trips, long walks, even an outdoor movie! Then, I was there even on their big wedding day. Boy was that a day to remember too. And not long after that came the minis I've talked about. She became bigger for awhile, her belly looked gigantic! Then, one day it was small again and there was these two little tiny humans with them, and they never left after that day. Soon after this, I realized they were part of the family too, and it was my job to help protect and look over them. There's a boy and a girl and they look identical almost. Their names are Avery and Ellie. These too little humans are so entertaining, I can just sit there and bark or lick them and they giggle forever. It's the cutest thing really. I'd have to say that my favorite thing about them is the way they grab me and hug me. Sometimes both of them run and jump on me when they get home and they let me lick their faces for about 10 minutes. Then once they settle in in the evening, sometimes we all watch a movie in the living room. They always want to lay by me during the movie. They're so cuddly in the evenings, and they keep me so warm that all three of us end up falling asleep by the end of the movie. This is when Nate and Kaylee have to wake us up and carry all three of us to bed sometimes.

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