Sunday, April 19, 2015

I had the weirdest dream of my life last night. It wok me up and I could not fall back asleep because I could not stop thinking about it! This dream totally threw me off. In my dream, I was human! I had hands, fingers, a different face and mouth and hair! I could walk and talk and run on two feet! I have no idea how it happened or why even. I had no tail unfortunately though, which was definitely a downfall. But it was crazy, I felt on top of the world! I was so high up and could see everything. My sense of smell was not nearly as good though. I could smell, but not nearly as in depth as my dog side of me. Walking that tall and only with two feet and with feet rather than paws was a whole other story. It felt so, so, so weird. I didn't have floppy ears or fur all over, so it was a lot cooler. Most of all, I could TALK! I had a voice! It was amazing to be able to form words. I could whisper or scream, make noises other than barks and growls! In this dream, I was someone else entirely, while still being me. Same old Summer, just different body. Same personality, views and thoughts, just a different body. It was both a weird and exciting feeling. I can't exactly remember what I was doing though. All I remember is the glipse I got of what it would actually be like to be a human. After I woke up I started debating and comparing which way it would be wetter to live. Would it be better to live life as a human or a dog? Overall, I love my dog self. I love having a long tongue and having floppy ears. I love galloping through the yard on all four of my legs feeling the sun on my fur. I love using my nose to smell all sorts of strong smells, lick my peoples faces with my long tongue, and I just love being a dog more than anything else. I don't really think I would ever choose to be anything else, even if I got the option to. Sure, sometimes I think it would be cool to be human. But from that dream I got to see and feel what it would be like, and maybe that's all I needed.

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