Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm starting to feel insecure about myself slightly. I'll admit that in my kind of older age, I've let myself go a little bit. I may have gained a few pounds here or there but I don't see the problem. Anyway, the humans seem to think I need to be on a weight plan and have a certain amount of exercise a day. The food amount hasn't changed much, it's just minimized a little bit. Also, I get to go a walk, EVERY DAY. I am not bothered by this one bit, it makes me so happy. Like I have mentioned before, walks are one of my favorite things ever. Whenever they get the leash out or mention the world “walk” I jump up and come running! I jump around and get so impatient while they're getting their shoe things on or anything else they have to do. I can barely stay still enough for them to clasp the leash to my collar. Once we're all set, we leave out the front door and start our walk. Starting out I can't help but pull Kaylee, since she is usually the one holding my leash. I feel like I'm walking her in the beginning, I'm too excited to go slow. Walks compare to when I get lose, except with walks my humans don't get mad. Instead they seem to enjoy themselves just as much. Some nights the whole family comes, usually on nights where it's super nice and the kids don't have any homework. When everyone comes it's such a nice feeling doing something as a family and being a part of it. Like I've said with walks, smells just overwhelm me. When we walk in town compared to when we walk on trails in the woods is filled with completely different smells. In town, I catch scents of other people and their clothes as we walk by them, I smell food of all kinds because there are a few shops we walk by. There is an ice cream and snack shop that has hot dogs and fries and stuff like that which always makes me hungry. Then there is the smell of cars and the fumes that they put off, that smell isn't really one I prefer. In the trails though, I smell all sorts of plants and grass. I smell flowers, trees and bark, but mostly I smell other animals! So, you could say I prefer walking in the trails overall.

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