Sunday, April 19, 2015

I would say that about 90 percent of the time, I am a fabulous pet. I don't pee or poop inside the house, I let the humans know when I have to go and they simply let me out to do my business. I don't beg or try to steal food when they're not looking either. I just sit and mind my own business let a good dog. I never get into anything when they are not home, I don't pee or poop when they're gone either. Instead, I hold it in until they come home. Now give or take, I may dribble some when they walk in the door but I can't help that I get so excited to see them! They don't mind that though. I play nicely with the kids and always sleep when they do rather than keeping them up, not to mention I am one of the best cuddlers in the whole world. Now, there is one thing I am not so proud of. Kaylee and Nate hate when I do this and I feel bad about it afterwords but in the moment I'm just so energetic it just overcomes me. Sometimes, when the gate in the backyard is open, and I smell or see something I want I chase after it. I chase and chase until I lose track of whatever interested me is gone. Then after that I always find other things I'm curious about. So naturally, I just keep wondering around and getting into things all over the neighborhood. Not to long after I get lose by the way, Kaylee and Nate find out or see me run for freedom and they chase after me in rage. They try their best to lure me in with my leash or a treat but in that moment, nothing interests me other than why I left in the first place. They try to run after me and tackle me even but I am just too fast. It's so fun and I feel like it's a game, but I don't think they feel the same way unfortunately. Eventually I let them catch me so they don't get so mad they don't want me anymore, even though I don't think they would ever do that. So they catch me, scold me thoroughly, and we head back to the house. We're all wore out, they're angry, and I'm both guilty and happy with my adventure.

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